Tech News This Week (48)

Cowrywise Launches new mutual funds

In tech news this week (48) by Techative, 11-year-old Ifeoluwa wins the next robotics legend competition, LASG organises its annual tech conference, Cars45 raises new funding while Cowrywise partners to add new mutual funds to its list.


  1. 11-Year-Old Wins The Next Robotics Legend Competition
Ifeoluwa Olusanya wins the next robotics legend competition - Tech news this week (48)
Ifeoluwa Olusanya

It was a surreal feeling when I was announced as the winner of the program. The 6-week programme was very interesting and educative and I learned a lot. I am excited because I will be able to build my own robots through the mentorship programme. Thank you, Union Bank and Awarri.

-Ifeoluwa Olusanya

The Next Robotics Legend competition, organized by Union Bank’s Edutech and Awarri, a pan-African robotic company, in a bid to strengthen the education sector and prepare young students for the future in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), has just produced an 11-year-old winner, Ifeoluwa Olusanya, after a 6-week intensive and virtual programme.

2. Art Of Technology Lagos 2.0

Art of Technology 2.0 by LASG through Eko Innovation centre  -  Tech news this week (48)

The office of innovation and technology Lagos state government (LASG), in a bid to bringing about a smart Lagos, is set to organise the second version of Art of Technology Lagos through the Eko Innovation Center. This year’s event is themed “Smart Data, SMARTER Lagos” and it is happening both online and offline. Click here to see keynote speakers and register.

3. Cars45 Raises New Funding.

Cars45 becomes India's unicorn as they raise new funding -  Tech news this week (48)

The India owned tech company that operates in used cars, Cars45, has revealed that it just raised $200 million in series E led by DST Global. Check out more.

4. Cowrywise Launches New Mutual Funds

Cowrywise launches new mutual funds -  Tech news this week (48)

We are excited to launch 6 new mutual funds from Asset and Resources Management Holding Company (ARM Holdco) on Cowrywise. With this partnership, Cowrywise users get more quality investment options in naira and dollars. Also, this is in line with our continuous drive to get 10 million first time investors into the mutual funds’ space.

The Nigerian fintech company that prides on its vision of “democratising access to savings and investment products”, Cowrywise, recently partnered with Asset and Resource Management Holding Company (ARM Holdco) to add six new mutual funds for her ever-increasing customers and also to attract first timers.

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