Tech News This Week (42)

Congratulations to the Paystack team

In today’s digital world where a lot is happening at once, it’s easy to miss out on the news. Here are the highlights from this week’s tech news brought to you by Techative. Check out the juicy tech happenings:

  1. New iPhones are born
iPhone 12 in black, white, red, green, and blue, demonstrating water resistance.

The multinational tech company, Apple Inc, has just released to the world, new smartphones in their list of crazy innovations: iPhone 12, iPhone12 mini and iPhone 12 pro with the following features:

  • iOS 14
  • 5G network to boost browsing speed.
  • A14 Bionic -faster operation.
  • MagSafe wireless charging.
  • Super Retina XDR displays for quality videos and pictures.
  • Ceramic Shield front cover that stands 4x chance of no cracking after fall.

These iphones are are already available for preorder across the world.

2. Twitter’s CEO lends his voice to the #EndSARS protest

Jack #EndSARS
Jack Dorsey has supported the #EndSARS movement with a donation.

Nigerian youths with their tenacity have been able to get the world to support their movement as we can see Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO tweeting, retweeting, donating to the cause and even verifying the most active protesters accounts to show support for the movement.

3. Nigerian fintech company, Paystack, gets acquired by Stripe in landmark deal

Paystack Founders
Paystack founders Ezra Olubi and Shola Akinlade (right)

 “For us, it’s about the mission. I’m driven by the mission to accelerate payments on the continent, and I am convinced that Stripe will help us get there faster. It is a very natural move.”

Shola Akinlade (CEO, Paystack)

The Nigerian Fintech company which has gained the confidence of over 60,000 businesses has decided to sell to Stripe in order to achieve their dream of conquering the world faster and have bagged over 200 million dollars in the process. They have just proven that one can eat their cake and have it. Read about why this exit is good for Africa’s tech ecosystem.

4. Flutterwave bullied into blocking #EndSARS donation

Godwin Emefiele

While one fintech startup was making Nigeria and Africa proud, another was being bullied into submission as Flutterwave blocked accounts used for funding the social movement #EndSARS. However, they have denied blocking any accounts. Nigerian youths, who have proved to be focused, creative, and resilient, immediately set up a bitcoin account to continue their fundraising. There is definitely more to this “phone- pressing generation”.

5. Tech Opportunity; Become an Innovate for Africa (IFA) Fellow

Begin Your Entrepreneurial Journey

IFA has opened applications for young entrepreneurs and innovators to apply in her  January 2021 Cycle 1 Cohort​ to become a fellow. An IFA fellow gets an opportunity to be trained and mentored in the Innovation Readiness program while also being matched with a startup company for real-life experience. Do you have the grit and a growth mindset? Apply.

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