Stay22 Successfully Launches a New Partner Platform Called ‘The HUB’

Stay22 HUB

Canadian map solution provider, Stay22, has launched a new partner platform called ‘The HUB’, which marks an important milestone for both the startup, as well as its partners. ‘The HUB’ introduces key features such as an improved dashboard; a brand new design; new ‘Industry’ and ‘Segment’ fields; deeper data insights and much more, all with faster loading times.

These features will now permit partners to carry out all of their activity from the same place including setting up their account; creating & customizing maps; leveraging their extensive data and cash in their revenue, without having to leave ‘The HUB’.

Stay22 Hub

Stay22’s product owner, Kevin Sauvageau noted that ‘The HUB is the foundation of the future for both Stay22 and our partners. The goal is to continue adding new features to ‘The HUB’ to help our partners and their business as Stay22 grows. We want to include our partners in this process and use their feedback to improve ourselves and their experience with our solution.’

This sentiment was reinforced by the startup’s Co-Founder & CEO, Andrew Lockhead, ‘As Stay22 grows we want to make sure our partners can grow alongside us. The HUB is our way of offering them the tools necessary to do this. Stay22 is continuously learning and improving from the data and information our solution gathers. We believe our partners should also benefit from this, which is why we developed The HUB. It’s our way of sharing these insights with them through a set of diverse features that our partners now have access to.

The Hub has received positive news from Stay22 partners

‘The HUB’ was received with positive feedback from partners, who reached out to Stay22 within hours of the launch to express their positive thoughts. You can now visit the HUB or read more about its features in the following article.

About STAY22

Stay22 is a venue-centric map-based solution that helps event-goers make the best & fastest travel decision by displaying travel services such as accommodation, parking, and restaurants. Stay22 offers more than 60 million bookable listings ranging from hotels, rentals & Airbnb’s, in over 220 countries and territories. Since its creation in 2016, Stay22 has partnered with over 10,000 event organizers and ticketing platforms to offer travelers and event-goers a seamless booking experience.

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