Rivers of Unicorns partners with Creative Community Spaces, commences with New Heaven Innovation Hub as first cohort

Rivers of Unicorns is a virtual accelerator that supports innovative ideas and startups in underserved communities and sets them on a path to exponential growth.

The activities of the virtual accelerator include a weekly webinar series, which is also broadcast on radio, to take the message to the grassroots to boost local engagement. It is currently being broadcast on Wish 99.5 FM every Friday by 2pm.

Each episode includes community news updates, discussion, book review and an interview with a startup founder. The aim is to inform and inspire listeners to turn local problems to marketable global solutions and the target is secondary and university students. Listeners are thereafter encouraged to visit the website for additional resources, trainings and linkages.

In its bid to boost impact, the virtual accelerator plans to partner with established Creative Community Spaces to have listeners’ clubs included in their programs. These spaces will be recognized as Rivers of Unicorns’ cohorts.

The cohorts would benefit from Rivers of Unicorns’ resources among which are its curriculum and network of mentors/founders and funders. Members of the cohorts would also be eligible for opportunities and programs such as its Demo Days, Tech Fairs etc.

In recognition of the genuine commitment of New Heaven Innovation Hub to youth development and its strive for excellence being manifested, by way of its newly developed state of the art facility for its youths, Rivers of Unicorns has offered it the privilege of becoming the first cohort in its network.

This invitation was made to the hub at its opening on August 4, 2020. In attendance at the opening was the Senior Special Assistant on General Duties to the Deputy Governor of Rivers State, Mrs Inegogo Fubara, representing Her Excellency, Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Harry Banigo.

Senior Special Assistant on General Duties to the Deputy Governor of Rivers State, Mrs Inegogo Fubara

Dr. Banigo advised young people in the state to think outside the box and aspire to turn problems around them into marketable solutions that could become tomorrow’s corporations and unicorns.

In the coming weeks, more cohorts will be added to the network. This will be done through a quiet and rigorous selection process. The cohorts will serve as satellite centers and will enjoy the following support:

  1. Modern entrepreneurial skills to boost the growth of innovation-driven enterprises.
  2. Cutting edge tech skills to meet local and global industry demands.
  3. Godly values, soft skills and global work habits.
  4. Leadership and managerial skills
  5. Linkages

Rivers of Unicorns is supported by Caywood Brown Foundation and powered by Netopps, to increase innovation-driven enterprises and create wealth.

Caywood Brown Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political humanitarian and youth-focused foundation, focused on preparing tomorrow’s leaders.

Netopps is an organization focused on building people and systems in Africa to leverage internet opportunities for social and economic development

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