Startup Pitch: Naina Tech, a tech startup that applies AI to solve societal problems

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Naina Tech is a technology startup that is applying artificial intelligence in the development of products that proffer solutions to various societal problems. Their premier product, an adaptive learning platform called Eko, can learn the learning rate of a student and adjust the educational content to suit their needs.

Although their anticipated launch isn’t until September 2021, their product which will first focus on early learning, will no doubt be revolutionary in the education sector, because they claim that their competitive advantage over competitors such as LeapFrog and ABC Mouse, lies in their proprietary model that uses the learning rate to drive the adaptive nature of the system.

Adaptive learning has been described as the future of education, given that with the traditional teaching methods, educators are unable to effectively address the individual learning patterns of every student in their classroom.  

Hence, being able to identify how students learn from an early age is vital in ensuring that they achieve positive learning outcomes.

Furthermore, another intriguing aspect of Naina Tech is that they claim to have a unique business model, which will enable them to offer their product Eko, for free to individuals in low-income communities.

How Eko Works

Under the hood, the system applies a combination of an advanced machine learning technique and predictive analytics to determine the learning rate and style of the user, in order to regulate the content delivered to each child, through a feedback loop.

Popular applications of AI-based learning systems can be seen in how retail platforms like Amazon, suggest products to customers based on their buying habits, and how media streaming platforms like Netflix suggest shows to users based on their watching habits, and the habits of other users with similar viewing patterns or demographics.

Meet the Founders

The founders of Naina Tech have a combined domain experience of over two decades in the education and technology sectors.

Emi Harry
Emi Harry

Emi Harry, Co-founder and CEO has a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Lagos and two masters’ degrees in Social Entrepreneurship and Data Analytics from Hult International Business School, San Francisco, and Fordham University, New York.

Monisola Adeosun
Monisola Adeosun

Monisola Adeosun, Co-founder and Head of Curriculum Development, is a licensed Family Day Care provider and a full-time elementary school teacher in a public school in Maryland, USA. She has a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Ife and a graduate certificate in professional teaching standards from George Washington University.

Their journey started when Harry took part in a Google Startup Weekend event on campus during her graduate school days. While working on their challenge for the competition, she discovered that at the time Nigeria had the highest number of out of school children.

This discovery motivated her to put on hold her desire of growing her African-inspired fashion company for which she was a recipient of the 2011 YouWin award, in favor of proffering sustainable and scalable solutions to the educational needs of kids in third-world countries.

Naina Tech is driven by the belief that technology can close achievement gaps for early learners through improved education, and this what their learning platform is capable of doing.

Following their anticipated success in the early learning sector, they plan to expand Eko to secondary and higher institutions of learning, and to introduce new products to market.

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