Right of Way: Experts to Discuss Next Steps for Broadband Internet Penetration for Africa

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Following recent announcements of per linear meter right of way charge review by different state governments in Nigeria, StartupSouth is hosting top industry professionals and government officials to a virtual event on May 29, 2020 to discuss next steps towards scaling broadband internet penetration in Nigeria and Africa in general.

Right of Way charge per meter of fiber optics cabling is considered as one of the most vexatious and biggest hindrances to growth in the tech industry. Panelists will discuss challenges, solutions and next steps towards broadband internet penetration in Africa.

Panelists include Steve Song, Fellow at Mozilla Foundation and Lead at NSCR – the organization behind the Africa broadband map website; Gerald Ilukwe – former Manager, Galaxy Backbone and Chief Information Officer, Kaduna State Government. Others are Bradley Shaw – Regional Manager, Middle East & Africa at NuRAN Wireless, Akintunde Oyebode – Special Adviser, Trade, Investment and Innovation, Ekiti State and more.

Speaking about the event, Uche Aniche, StartupSouth Convener noted that – “the event will enable professionals, public officials and investors come together to discuss a way forward. You will recall that this was the central theme of our conference (StartupSouth5) in Uyo last year. We expect more states to adopt this policy, but, more importantly, we want to see them do so in a very sustainable manner that ultimately unlocks the true benefits to citizens.

StartupSouth believes in the power of entrepreneurship for development. They are a startup/entrepreneurship ecosystem development project focused on inspiring a generation of young founders to build innovative and scalable businesses within the South-South and South-East regions. They also educate, connect and attract funding for founders and startups within the region.

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