Stay22 responds to the coronavirus crisis by improving commission rates to partners


The world’s tourism industry has taken a hit due to the coronavirus crisis as business activities in the industry have been crippled. Cancellations of trips, public events, and falls in revenue are some of the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on the travel industry. Hotels and other accommodation providers, airlines, and leisure centers are some of the businesses most affected by this crisis. The World Tourism and Travel Council estimates that the tourism industry, which accounts for up to 10% of global GDP, could take up to 10 months to recover once the outbreak has been curbed.

In order to help alleviate the impact of the coronavirus crisis on businesses in the event and travel industry, Stay22, Canada’s embeddable accommodation map solution provider, has introduced an initiative to support its partners.

The Montreal startup has recently announced that they will give back 100% of their commission to all new partners joining their solution, and a 20% bump to existing partners. With this initiative Stay22 aims to give back to the community and individuals that helped shape it in recent years.

Andrew Lockhead, CEO of Stay22 commented “our team has been proactively looking for solutions to support our partners but also the general public facing the coronavirus crisis. We thought increasing the commissions we give our partners would help them recover a fraction of their financial losses due to event and booking cancellations. We’re aiming to help them as best as we can with the resources we have. Interestingly enough, it’s in these moments of crisis where we have to hold on tight (virtually) and find creative solutions for ourselves and our community. To us, this is the perfect opportunity to show our partners, who are the ones that make it possible for us to exist, how grateful we are to have them. We hope that through this action our partners can enjoy some calm in the middle of all this chaos.”

Basically, all the new partners integrating Stay22 and using its interactive map will enjoy this offer, until at least April 30th 2020. As per the current partners, the Stay22 team will be automatically bumping their commission into their platform. This change became effective from March 15th. New and current partners will be able to track bookings and commission using the Stay22 dashboard. As mentioned by its CEO this is all part of an initiative designed to help their partners, both current and future, feel a bit more calm during such trying times, hence the hashtag for this action #StayCalmWithStay22.

Lockhead added that, “in the next few days, our team will be pushing new features to better support partners, travelers and local communities in these tougher times. We’ll be communicating those through emails and social media, so stay tuned.”

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