Hackers and Founders Lagos Chapter Presents Its First Ecosystem Meetup Titled Innovation and Funding in Emerging Markets

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Innovation can be described as the introduction of a new idea by an organization for the purpose of commercialization, while funding is a means of providing resources, usually in form of money, to support an idea. There is not a lack of innovative ideas by entrepreneurs in emerging economies, however, there is a constraint to funds that can be accessed by these entrepreneurs.

On February 28, 2020, the Lagos Chapter of Hackers and Founders will host a meetup with the topic: Innovation and Funding in Emerging Markets.

Discussions will revolve around how young entrepreneurs in emerging markets, such as Nigeria, can access funds from H/F for research and innovation purposes. The funds will seek to help entrepreneurs and business people by supporting their solutions in tackling policy issues in their ecosystem.

H/F is the largest network of tech founders in Silicon Valley and around the world. As an organization, H/F has invested in a number of startups through its expansive global network, achieving 9 exits in 6 years.

Confirmed speakers include Jonathan Nelson, CEO/Founder Hackers/Founders; Torrance Carroll, Chief Operations Officer Hackers/Founders; Victor Tubotamuno, Chapter Lead Hackers/Founders Lagos; Elohor Thomas, Co-founder and CEO CodeLn; Gabriel Eze, Member Cambrian Futures; and Ehi Aigiomawu, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Vesicash.

Mr. Tubotamuno commented that “Jonathan and Torrance will be speaking on their plans for funding in Africa, while other panelists will discuss innovation in Africa – what spurs it, why it is needed, and how to innovate around issues.”

The venue for the event is Google Developers Space, 7a Milverton Rd, Ikoyi. To get tickets, click here.

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