Introducing Discover X, Africa’s Biggest Hackathon Event

Africa faces a lot of problems. The continent lacks the needed resources to solve her health, economic, food, power, and security challenges. Something needs to be done to change this, and fast! Africa’s population is growing and her problems are as well.

Technology has been identified as a tool that can provide solutions to Africa’s numerous problems. In developed countries, technology has enabled farmers to produce food, feed, and other products in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Also, technological development in healthcare is helping people live healthier, longer lives. Africa can benefit from these innovations too.

However, for development to occur, bold steps are required from individuals, organizations, and government in Africa. These entities need to take it upon themselves to build solutions to the problems faced in the continent. No one is coming to save Africa, so Africans must take up the responsibility. This is what is driving the Discover X event which is scheduled to hold in March 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Discover X Team

Discover X is an event that seeks to source solutions to Africa’s problems through innovation. It is expected to be the largest hackathon event ever held in Africa with participants from tech hubs from across the globe competing to build solutions to problems under several categories. Some of the categories include,

  1. Fintech Track – In this category, the participants will aim to build solutions that would help Africa to achieve financial inclusion and a cashless economy
  2. Edu-Tech – Education is key for development to occur in a region. According to a UNESCO report, Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rate of education exclusion when compared to other regions. Technology can be used to mitigate this problem
  3. Digital Tourism – Digital Tourism refers to the use of information and communication technology to provide information and support for travelers before, during and after their travel experience.
  4. Insure-Tech – This refers to the diverse approaches to reaching the unserved, underserved, vulnerable, or low-income populations in emerging markets with appropriate and affordable insurance products.

The hackathon will last for forty hours with prizes to be won by teams that show creativity and innovation in building their solutions. Strategic partnerships would be in place with different organizations to support the winners beyond the hackathon event, in the areas of implementation, incubation, publicity, and funding. The ultimate goal will be the commercialization of the solutions developed at the hackathon.

Discover X is organized by Spurbuddy, a product design agency in Nigeria. Spurbuddy creates handcrafted experience for brands to engage with their customers.

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Fortune Chuku

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