Startup Feature: PamDrive, Port Harcourt Based Ride Hailing Platform


The invention of smartphones brought about a disruption in many industries including the transportation industry, as it made commuting easier through the development of ride-hailing applications. Ride-hailing apps offer precision, swift response, data management, real-time tracking and flexibility, enabling the conveying of passengers from their pick up point to their destinations in the most efficient way. The ride-hailing service industry offers benefits such as creation of employment opportunities and a reduction in CO2 emissions with lower rate of car ownership.

PamDrive, an on-demand transportation service provider headquartered in Nigeria‘s oil rich city of Port Harcourt, is providing a solution to mobility issues in the Southeast region through the deployment of their ride-hailing services. The services include intracity and intercity trips for individuals and corporate organizations which can be requested via their ride-hailing app, or through phone, website bookings and social media.


Launched in May 2016, PamDrive started its operations at a time when there was no alternative to licensed taxis in Port Harcourt. They were the premier transportation company in the city to use online-enabled platforms to connect passengers to drivers offering rides using their personal vehicles. Since then, PamDrive has gone on to register about 1000 vehicles on their platform and has provided a comfortable and secure means for their users to move about within and around Port Harcourt. Also through the platform, car owners have been able to earn income by acting as PamDrive partners.

PamDrive’s founder is Ezieke Amaefula, a Mechanical Engineer with vast knowledge and experience in the automotive industry. He founded Pannaga Resource Services Ltd., a parent company to PamDrive and other businesses including PamAutos, PamTrack, and OgaOnline, after working with Oilfield Services and Equipment Company Halliburton for more than 11 years. Mr Eke, as he is commonly called, runs the startup with his co-founder Nkrumah Agah.

Mr Eke states PamDrive’s mission as providing ASAP rides for their customers. The coined word stands for accessible, safe, affordable, and pleasant. PamDrive plans to deploy their system across cities within and outside Nigeria, accompanied by the launch of several on-demand products within the ride-hailing market. Currently, they also have operations in Enugu State.

The startup has been self-funded since its founding. They have succeeded in gaining a competitive edge over other ride-hailing services in Port Harcourt through the deployment of several product offerings, as well as by employing the use of call agents to provide easy accessibility for their customers. PamDrive is arguably Port Harcourt City’s most popular ride-hailing service and they have every intention of keeping it that way.

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