Can Google And AI Change Africa?

By Karthik Reddy

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prominent in top economies such as the US, China, and in most parts of Europe. However, it continues to advance at a turtle’s pace in developing nations such as those residing in Africa.

But with the guidance of Google, it seems more likely that African countries will soon be up to par with other countries when it comes to AI technologies.

For example, in April this year, Google launched its first official AI research center in Africa. It is built in Accra, Ghana, and has the potential to boost AI on the entire African continent.

The team working in the Accra facility is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures from various parts of the world. Heading the team and the research center is Moustapha Cisse, originally from Senegal.

The research facility is more than just a center for AI research. It is also about developing first-class AI-based solutions for real-world problems, some of which are experienced within the African continent itself. In light of this, Google’s initiative to build the center on the continent will certainly be of great help for those who reside within.

How Can AI Change Africa?

AI is easily accessible to most of us through virtual assistants, smart devices, and other smart technologies. However, AI isn’t limited to these areas as it is also a part of other industries such as healthcare, finance, retail, government, and auto, among others. AI-based solutions offer efficient and risk-free alternatives to traditional practices we have been used to.

In Africa, AI can help introduce better and more affordable healthcare for citizens. In the field of medicine, it is typically used to set up accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients with a complicated medical history.

With the proper research, the Google-led team in Accra could potentially create a solution that would help medical facilities treat their patients even more effectively and cheaper as well.

AI can also help solve Africa’s hunger problem. The technology could be an effective tool in driving food production levels to new heights. In fact, there are already several AI-based smart farming solutions that allow farmers to keep track of their crops for more effective and successful farming cycles.

As one of the top proponents of AI, Google is more than capable of giving the technology the right boost it needs in Africa. While the research center in Accra is still at its earliest stages, everyone in the nation already has high hopes for what it can bring a few years from now.


AI is one of the technologies that continue to benefit mankind to a great extent. Some experts believe that this technology is not yet fully developed, but with the efficiency it brings, it is only a matter of time before people see AI as something that everyone should be using in their daily lives.

Thanks to initiatives like that of Google’s, Africa is not going to be exempted from this trend. As a matter of fact, we should not be surprised to see this continent leading the AI revolution in some of the key industries.

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