EcosystemBase Profile: Niger Delta Link (NDLink)


It has now been three weeks since I began the ecosystembase series profiling notable stakeholders in Nigeria’s tech ecosystems, with a special focus on the Port Harcourt ecosystem community. So far I have done profiles on a technology hub and a university.

On the spotlight today is the Niger Delta Link (NDLink), an initiative of the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) – a non-profit organization working with partners to build peace and equitable economic development in the region. NDLink is an information and communications platform aimed at leveraging the power of the internet to unite stakeholders in the Niger Delta.

PIND, through NDLink seeks to encourage partnerships in the Niger Delta and this has extended to the Port Harcourt startup ecosystem. Collaborating with Netopps in 2016, the first-anniversary colloquium of Startup Sunday – a monthly meetup of entrepreneurs in Port Harcourt – was held to highlight some of the key points of learning discovered since its commencement. At the event, the Advocacy Program Manager for PIND, Ese Emerhi and NDLink’s Content Coordinator, Dayo Ibitoye were both in attendance to share ideas with the stakeholders in the ecosystem and to discuss further areas of collaboration.

NDLink has gone on to partner with the Port Harcourt startup ecosystem to organize subsequent events such as the Startup Port Harcourt Week press event, and the Media Workshop for Startups, both held at the PIND Economic Development Center in Port Harcourt.

The newly revamped NDLink website offers the platform a means of serving the region with information on business and investments, technology, and development activities by donor agencies. Their ultimate goal is to build a culture of networking and sharing of resources in the Niger Delta and what better place to achieve this than in a community of entrepreneurs?

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