Touchabl targets 100k downloads in the next three months


Touchabl Pictures, the photo identification app, just celebrated a milestone of 1000 downloads since its launch in October.

Announcing this in a post on their Facebook page, the analysis shows that majority of downloads are (not surprisingly) from Nigeria, followed by Russia.


The founders aren’t resting on their oars as they target 100,000 downloads for the next three months.

Before now, all publicity has been organic – word of mouth, social media posts, speaking at events etc – but to get to the desired target of 100k downloads, they realise they will have to do things differently.

They will be focusing more on communities and groups on other social platforms. They plan to create more activity on their Facebook group, Touching Stories, which has been domicile for a while.

They are going to increase social interactions by launching a Touchabl web app soon. Speaking with one of the co-founders, Gabriel Eze, he says “I think it’s gonna be viral as users will know what people are actually touching in your picture (the same way other platforms measure likes, comments and views)”.

They also plan to partner with professional photographers, photo bloggers and businesses and show how they can leverage Touchabl for their business.

They will also consider paid advertising on the road to 100k downloads, however, that’s the last resort.

Touchabl which launched 27th October 2017, is currently available for download from Google play store.

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