Permitter wants to ease the construction permit process

Building permit with hardhat and blueprints. Certificate was created by photographer with a graphics program. Code number is ficticious.

When Ihunanyachi Amadi tried to apply for a construction permit and found out that the process was not only rigours and stressful, but also filled with bureaucratic bottlenecks.

So when Bubbles Coworking, the tech hub he founded, participated in Startup Port Harcourt Week Ease of Doing Business Hackathon, little wonder they chose to work on the construction permits category.

Team Bubble Coworking at SPHW Hackathon

Permitter, which is still in beta, is an online platform that would serve as a direct platform for individuals seeking to apply for a construction permit.

Speaking on the weekly Rivers Of Unicorns show, he said Permitter would save time, cut out unnecessary middle-agents and increase revenue generation for the government.

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