Startup Profile: Publiseer, a digital publishing platform that helps artists and authors publish their work for free

Many talented Nigerian authors and artists encounter problems getting their works published. The process is usually tedious and unaffordable. But worry no more. A Lagos-based startup founded by two Nigerian brothers, Chidi Nwaogu and Chika Nwaogu is providing a solution to this problem. Their startup, Publiseer is a free digital publishing platform that was launched on April 8th, 2017, and helps Nigerian authors and artists sell their products across over 400 major online stores worldwide, including Amazon, Google Play Store, and Apple Store for free. Publiseer’s Co-founder, Chidi Nwaogu describes their drive in one statement;

Our mission is to sell the creativity of Nigerians to the rest of the world, and to promote the beautiful Nigerian culture through written words (books) and spoken words (music).

How Publiseer Works

When an author or artist sends in their work to Publiseer, it gets reviewed by the passionate and dedicated Publiseer team and a decision is made whether it will be accepted for publishing. It takes less than five working days for the team to reach a decision.

If it is accepted, the author or artist gets notified of the decision to publish their work. Then, the author or artist can begin marketing and promotional activities to create awareness for their product. However, if the work is rejected, Publiseer works to re-format the book and re-master the song so that it meets their quality standard.

Publiseer also provides services to help the authors and artists with marketing their work, and to skip the standard two-weeks delay in publishing their work at very affordable prices. Their revenue is generated through a 25% percent share in revenue from the sale of the artist or author’s work.

Publiseer’s competitive advantage over competitors such as BookBaby and CDBaby is the quality digital publishing service that they offer for free. If you’re an artist or an author who would like to use their service, you can contact them through their website.

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