What is IoT and why does it sound crazy?

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the next evolution of the internet. In this innovation, all objects are connected to the internet and interact with each other. Using sensors, IoT has the ability to gather, analyse and distribute data that can be turned into useful information. These useful information would enable us to reduce waste, loss and cost. We would be notified when things needed replacing or repairing and when items had expired or become past their best. One of such useful example of IoT is an internet connected key which uses a smartphone app to locate it when it gets lost.

With these and many more helpful benefits that IoT has to offer, some things give it a bad name and make the idea of it seem a bit crazy. The idea of sticking a sensor on pretty much everything from toilets to the air, and in children can be intrusive and plain weird.

In this podcast, we talk about some IoT ideas that are a bit cuckoo in the way that they’re implemented. We’ve grouped them as not-so-crazy IoT, borderline crazy IoT and batsh*t crazy IoT.

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