Do you know what a hackathon is? A digital agency in Nigeria is trying to host the largest one ever held in Africa. Find out how they intend to do it.

Hackathons are about generating results from ideas that have been conceived. They provide great value for startups and also for large organizations that want to show that they are capable of delivering disruptive innovations at startup speed.

Hackathons are not just for coders. Participants can include professionals from non-technical fields such as sales and customer service representatives, graphic designers, and user experience specialists. The diversity of the experience of these participants brings about different perspectives and encourages collaboration

Hackathons are about challenging the status quo to produce more efficient and better ways of meeting customer needs. They help in reducing the time it takes for products or services to be brought to market. The results of a hackathon can be in the form of a working prototype or a clear roadmap that outlines the steps that are needed to accelerate production and implementation.

Discover X is trying to champion this disruption by organizing what is expected to be the largest hackathon ever held in Africa. 2,000 problem solvers are expected to converge in Lagos from 1-3 June 2020 to build solutions that would improve customer experience in different industries.

The event has a futuristic view, hence, it will involve the use of advanced technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality to build the solutions.

It is common practice that after hackathons end the momentum from the participants and organizers dies. You almost get the impression that the focus of the hackathon was to award the coders that could develop a reasonable prototype in the shortest time, with no clear plan of how the products would be brought to market.

Discover X intends to be different in this regard. In the first place, the solutions that will be built will address problems identified in a white paper produced by industry players. That way, the developers will be addressing an existing need. Furthermore plans are being put in place to ensure that the solutions developed in Discover X are incubated to form a product that can be brought to market.

Discover X is being organized by Spurbuddy, a product design agency with expertise in creating excellent experience for brands. Spurbuddy founder, Victor Tubotamuno, comments that companies need to be innovative or they stand the risk of dying out.

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