75 Nigerian Hubs Establish Innovation Support Network (ISN) to Support Entrepreneurship

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The growth of the innovation sector in Nigeria over the last decade has been steady as evidenced in the quality of startups, mentors, angel investors, innovation hubs and other stakeholders that are participating in the fast-growing early stage entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To foster greater collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst services that support entrepreneurship, a group of hubs from across the country have come together to establish an organisation whose prime objective is to develop a community of best practices.

Innovation Support Network (ISN) Hubs is a non-profit organisation comprising 75 hubs from across Nigeria with the goal of promoting collaboration amongst hubs, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems. ISN Hubs’ mission is to foster collaboration and to inspire and support Nigerian hubs in building a diversified economy that promotes the development of technology, innovation and the early stage entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nigeria.

To ensure that ISN Hubs is an organisation that operates with world-class corporate governance, five directors were elected by its member hubs to run its affairs and report to an Executive Committee comprising each of the founding hubs. The directors each run five directorates of the organisation namely corporate, finance, partnerships, ecosystem, and marketing. The Corporate Director, Abdulganiyu Yakub of DD Hubs, Kano commented that “ISN Hubs will be governed by a constitution written collectively by members and approved by the Executive Committee.

Taking into consideration the diversity of the member hubs, the Board is ably represented with its appointment of two female members and a female company secretary. The Directors are Abdulganiyu Yakub, Digital Development Hub, Kano; Fayo Williams, Exponential Hub, Ikeja; Solape Agagu-Hammond, Impact Hub Lagos, Ikoyi; Hanson Johnson, Start Innovation Hub, Uyo; and Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, GoDo.ng Hub, Ikeja. Christie Eze (Kedge Anchor Hub, Port Harcourt) is the Company Secretary.

Fayo Williams, Partnerships Director, is of the opinion that “the diversity already shown in the board formation will guide future engagements that will ensure innovative women entrepreneurs will be given equal opportunities to succeed.”

ISN Hubs believes that with the right kind of collaboration and partnerships, innovation will become deeply entrenched in Nigerian businesses and will add tremendous value to the growth of the Nigerian economy.

According to the Marketing Director, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. ‘CFA’, “ISN Hubs is aiming to create a platform for increasing collaboration between hubs through the facilitation of the identification, exchange, and use of commercial best practices by workspaces, incubators, and accelerators in Nigeria.”

ISN Hubs has started a process of registering as a legal entity. Additional information about the organisation can be found on the website.

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