Nigeria’s Innovation Corner to Rival Survey Monkey, Google Form in Africa as it Launches Blueform

Innovation Corner, a fast-rising social innovation centre, on March 14th, 2019 announced the launch of Blueform, the first, free, offline-based data collection software in Africa that removes all technical barriers to data collection, management, and analysis for social development projects, monitoring and evaluation, market survey and research. Blueform provides solutions for professionals working in monitoring and evaluation, social development, healthcare, agriculture, research and other business areas that are actively seeking for better ways to collect and analyse data.

“Data collection in Nigeria and the rest of Africa is very important for social development, disease surveillance, market analysis and evidence-based decision making. Timely and effective data collection can save Nigeria and the rest of Africa from epidemics and disease outbreaks. We see the data science dominating social development and, with Blueform, our goal is to provide the tools to drive social development in Nigeria and the rest of Africa,” said Tochukwu Egesi, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Innovation Corner. “We’re thrilled to bring Blueform to market and see the impact that users make with it.”

Blueform runs entirely in the cloud, reducing processing time and its impact on a computer’s usability during the typical ‘save and export’ process. Additionally, Blueform collects data using web-form, USSD and an offline-enabled mobile app working seamlessly to provide data to the online dashboard in real time. Data collected can be exported in any format and/or analysed on Blueform. “We designed Blueform for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a large social development organization, Blueform enables anyone to collect data in Africa and analyze such data,” said Kelechi Ezenwaka, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Innovation Corner.

Features of Blueform at launch include:

  • Offline Data Collection: Blueform collects data using USSD code technology that works without the internet. It uses an offline-enabled mobile app that syncs when there is internet access and regular web channels.
  • Flexible forms: Blueform allows users to design their own forms as they wish, and to collect any kind of data of their choice.
  • Geo-Fencing: Blueform allows users to specify exactly where their data can be collected.
  • GIS Mapping: Blueform allows users to track exactly where data was collected from.
  • Analytics: With Blueform, users can analyze data on the platform.
  • Escalation : Implementation partners and agents using Blueform can automatically notify supervisors of on-field events of importance effortlessly.

Blueform is currently in partnership with Africa Resource Centre and already has two corporate users at the time of launch. Current users are using it for healthcare projects across three states in Nigeria and the other is using it for social development monitoring and evaluation across Nigeria.

Blueform has the following use cases:

Blueform for Health
Health agencies can effectively collect data from field workers or personnel in remote locations with no internet. Also, disease tracking and incident escalation are achievable with Blueform. Agencies can ensure that health workers submit cases of disease occurrence with the use of the app and registered supervisors can be notified on various cases of disease occurrence.

Blueform for Oil and Gas Companies
Oil and Gas companies and agencies can effectively monitor and evaluate situations in real-time using Blueform even in offshore and remote locations with no internet. This improves productivity, data integrity and reduces inaccuracy and loss of data due to manual and tedious processes used in transmitting data from the field to management office. Also, Blueform location intelligence ensures that agencies know exactly where the data originated and get
more insight regarding pattern distribution.

Blueform for Telecommunications
Telecommunication companies can effectively conduct market and product surveys, monitoring, as well as evaluation exercises with the use of Blueform. Blueform ensures that the management gets their data and reports directly from the field in real-time and also can conduct these exercises in remote locations with no internet or smartphones. This reduces the costs spent and improves the accuracy and efficiency of the exercise by replacing the problematic use of paper, email or Whatsapp for sending data.

Blueform for Project Management
Project managers can improve their work and processes with the use of Blueform which enables them to get real-time data and reports from the field or through field workers. Also, Blueform ensures its data accuracy and reliability.

About Innovation Corner

Innovation Corner is a social innovation centre dedicated to creating solutions to Africa’s social development problems. Innovation Corner also supports social entrepreneurs with products and technical support to help them launch while linking them to other innovators and partners. Founded in 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria. Innovation Corner has created and launched Rem Health (Healthcare), Blueform (Data Science) and is working on Govgage (Governance and Civic Technology).  

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