When the ‘Fashion Meets AI’ Tour Came to Port Harcourt City

Port Harcourt City came alive on the 30th of August, 2018 at the Fashion Meets AI (Artificial Intelligence) event. The Touchabl hangout, FashionXAI, in PortHarcourt was eventful as participants were excited to see what it was about. The event kicked off with a welcome remark by the host, Miss Esther Nweje, which then led to a brief introduction of the attendees.

The fusion and relevance of technology in our everyday lives cannot be over-emphasized and we had Dumoh of TechCreek throw more light on that. The keynote address by Touchabl Pictures was made by the visionary CEO Gabriel Eze answering the; Who, What, When, and “How” of the app during the product testing. Right before that, everyone got a good feel of the runway show as the models strut gracefully in some amazingly stylish pieces representing the culture and lifestyle of the modern African woman by Chresther Fashion Home.

The product testing phase took everyone through understanding how the app works and they all had an opportunity to try it out. The feedback was impressive; fashion stakeholders across the value chain asked questions regarding their brands and made invaluable contributions to how the app could be better.

The panel session was kicked off right after and we had; Gabriel Eze, Henry Akaonyeji, Damilola Kawojue, and WillaWanger as panelists on the interactive and enlightening session, which was followed by endless questions to answer and suggestions to accommodate.

The event came to a close with so much anticipation, energy, and enthusiasm as everyone networked.

Touchabl Pictures has an uphill task ahead, but the team thrives on taking giant strides and winning. No wonder the excitement. The deep sense of appreciation for the product which was displayed through the expression of warmth and hospitality by the guests was so refreshing. Arguably we can boldly say PortHarcourt fell in love with the app, and in response, the team is excited to do more to grow the fashion community.

It was a great time at the Fashion Meets AI event in Port Harcourt with great people and warm hospitality.

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