Startup Sunday holds an enlightening 46th edition.

The 46th edition of Startup Sunday was an enlightening one, it had a knowledge packed programme that left guests and participants much more informed about a wide range of issues than they had been at the start of the event.

The event kicked off with a video of the launch of Facebook’s NG_Hub in Nigeria. This video availed the audience with insight on the motivation behind the establishment of this Hub by Facebook in Nigeria, its structure, its aims and the key partnerships that were entered into to ensure the effective delivery of its mandate.

This was followed by a fireside chat, with Gino Osahon, the Hub manager of one of the Key partner hubs of Facebook’s NG_Hub  based in Port-Harcourt, the Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub.

This session was moderated by Andrew Banigo and contained insightful questions from the moderator which received in depth answers from the invited guest, Mr Gino Osahon.

Gino Osahon , Hub Manager Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovative Hub


Questions and issues ranging from the formation and vision of the Ken Saro Wiwa Innovation Hub, its achievements and impact on the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in Port Harcourt and the Niger Delta, the importance and impact of the Hub’s official partnership with Facebook, and the long term effects this partnership will have on the Oil to tech economic transformation goal of the tech entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Niger Delta were covered.

These issues were raised and answered satisfactorily by Mr Gino Osahon, the Hub Manager, Ken Saro Wiwa Innovation Hub.

This session was followed by a presentation on RivJobs an online employment and professional development platform developed by the Rivers state Government. This presentation was delivered by Mr Victor Briggs, who gave an in depth review of the features and the aims of this employment portal.


He stated that Rivers State was ranked as one of the states with the highest unemployment rates in Nigeria in a recent report by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics. This report fuelled the need for a platform to tackle unemployment and gave credence to the establishment of the Rivjobs portal.

According to Mr Briggs, RivJobs is a portal that provides opportunities for Graduate and Artisinal employment and aims to provide resource training for skills to tackle unemployability.

He stated that the main challenge to actualizing the aims of Rivjobs has been establishing a comprehensive database of skilled and unemployed individuals in Rivers state in order to effectively match them with the demand from employers. He also cited the low utilization of this portal by individuals within Rivers state who are the primary target users, with most of its users instead coming from other states.

Mr Briggs therefore encouraged individuals within Rivers state to massively utilize and avail themselves of the opportunities that the RivJobs portal provides, as this will go a long way in tackling the unemployment situation in Rivers state.

This presentation was followed by a fireside chat on Broadband Penetration in Rivers State with Akelachi Kejeh: Managing Editor and a member of the Broadband Committee. This session was moderated by Amas Albert, CEO Endoclan Apps who is also a Member of the Broadband Committee.

Broadband Committee Fireside Chat

The fireside chat touched on the progress of the Broadband Committee’s mandate so far, which is to research alternatives for cheap, usable and affordable internet in Rivers state. Insight on the report on Calabar’s broadband coverage  implementation and the lessons, possible application and localization of the details of this report were discussed extensively as part of the fireside chat.

This fireside chat was followed by a Skype Mentoring Session with Mr Ekenem Isichie, Managing partner ACIOE Associates and a member of the Presidential Advisory Working Group on Technology and Creativity.

Mr Isichie Ekenem, CEO, ACIOE Associates

This session had a lot of useful information for entrepreneurs; Mr Ekenem spoke of his transition from a career in Oil and Gas to entrepreneurship and his eventual inclusion in Presidential Advisory Working Group on Technology and Creativity.

He had a lot of useful advice for entrepreneurs on subjects such as Starting small, networking, business visibility, company structure, legal issues and intellectual property, and also tips on how to successfully engage with Government.

This session was followed by the Elevator Pitch Challenge, moderated by Daniel Akibor- CEO Throway and then a conclusion and networking session that gave the guests and participants time to swap contacts, questions and ideas.

The 46th edition of Startup Sunday has once again lived up to its billing as an enlightening event for entrepreneurs, stakeholders and the enlightened public. We all look forward to the next edition and the vast amount of knowledge and insight that it will bring.


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