Google Local Guides, Gives you the opportunity to put your city on the map.


Have you ever tried to navigate Port-Harcourt city using Google Maps?

Have you ever tried to find more information and reviews about particular locations using this same app?

The reviews, photos and information you find using this app are as a result of the selfless efforts of the Google Local guide Community.

Google Local Guides enables you to contribute to the mapping of your city using the Google maps app. This enables visitors, travellers and stranded individuals to find their way around various cities.

As a resident of Port-Harcourt city, you are eligible to become a Google Guide, due to your local knowledge of the locations and establishments around the city.

Mr Datoru Kalio a top ranking Google Local guide in the city of Port-Harcourt,spoke to the writer about his  5year experience as a Google Local guide

Local Guide Datoru Kalio                                                           Mr Datoru Kalio,(Top Level Google Local Guide)

He said that functioning as a Local guide, mainly involves documenting key information on locations around Port-Harcourt city

This data contributes immensely to making Google maps a comprehensive and viable resource for ease of navigation through Port-Harcourt City.

Duties as a local guide also involve regularly updating already existing information on the Google database, for example recording if a business has closed or changed location.

Supplying missing information, on locations that have not been mapped or reviewed yet, and verifying information that has been supplied by other sources

“It is generally a voyage of dedication,adventure and discovery as a local guide”. Mr Datoru added.

Considering the benefits to Local businesses, Mr Kalio stated that it is important for every business to be properly mapped, to ensure that it is easily located by patrons and attracts first time visitors based on positive reviews on user experiences.

Regarding the perks attached to being a Google Local Guide, Mr Kalio said that these vary according to your level, they include networking opportunities with Google guides both locally and internationally, invitations to Google workshops and conferences, early access to new Google products, free Google drive space among other benefits.

At the root of it all however, knowing that you contributed to something as historic as putting your city on the global map is most times enough motivation, he concluded.

Interested in becoming a Google Local Guide, or learning more about the programme?  You could do this by visiting the link below


Become a Google Local Guide today and put Port Harcourt City on the map!.


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