A Chat with Tonye Briggs – Founder of Port Harcourt in Pictures

Port Harcourt In Pictures, a social media based picture sharing platform of Port Harcourt city, has done a great job in promoting the cities image. In this chat with Akelachi Kejeh, Tonye Briggs, the brain behind the platform, talks about the journey so far and the launch of their website. 

Tonye Briggs – Founder PortHarcourtInPictures


Techative: Please share abit about yourself 

Tonye: My name is Tonye Briggs, a creative woman of God and a social mediapreneur. Studied Medical Physiology at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos. I’m a great team player and a bag of ideas and yes I love Port Harcourt.

Techative: What is Port Harcourt in Pictures?

TonyePort Harcourt In Pictures is a social media platform aimed at showcasing Port Harcourt and supporting brands and businesses in the city. We are also a great support to startups in Nigeria.

We are involved in digital and social media branding, marketing, consultation and publicity. We grow brands by connecting to a digitally vibrant audience through social media management and relevant content generation.

Techative: What informed the idea?

Tonye: Port Harcourt in Pictures started as a hobby, actually it started because I was hospitalized and helpless and being my first time in Port Harcourt after university, I wanted a view of my state, it’s culture, people, lifestyle, food and it’s environs, but all I could see on the internet was militancy, oil bunkering, men with masks, how someone gave birth to a toad or how someone was killed. So I made a decision on the 19th of March to create a platform that would showcase my Port Harcourt beyond militancy and corruption hence the birth of PortharcourtInPictures also known as PIP.

PIP Instagram page


Techative: Notable milestone for Port Harcourt In Pictures (from inception till date)

Tonye: Well I think the first was when we hit 20,000 followers, it was huge for us at PIP because the Port Harcourt people embraced what we were doing and supported us with comments and likes even without knowing who was behind the brand.

We recently included social media advertising and content generation for 6 top brands events with namely Heineken’s fashion focus talks, Maltina’s Grab a Mic, Access Bank’s Womenpreneur, Legend’s Real deal experience, Remy Martin’s AtTheClubWithRemyMartin and Netopps’ Startup Port Harcourt Week.

This was huge for us because most of these brands have their own social media and content generation agencies but they chose us against all odds.

We can’t wait to see what 2018 has for PIP.

Techative: You’ve been doing well so far on Instagram and Twitter, why did you create a website?

Tonye: Without a doubt, PIP is the biggest thing on Instagram but we saw a need to expand our horizons as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in a way was limiting us and we were slowly deviating from the vision to promote Port Harcourt (structure and buildings and lifestyle) as we were overwhelmed by the influx of advertising jobs but the website so far gives us more chance to spread our creative wings and fly and most importantly blog about virtually everything that happens in Port Harcourt. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while but the inspiration I got form by attending Startup Port Harcourt Week made me to push myself to make it a reality. Plus there’s also room to accomodate everyone’s event and requests. We have been working on a lot of rebranding, we for instance changed our logo twice, and there’s still a lot more to be done.

PIP twitter account


Techative: What has the reception to the website been like?

Tonye: It has been mind-blowing, infact we specifically asked for constructive criticisms but everyone has been gentle with kind words and yes I have a partner who has been pushing me to my limits to make this work. I have been compelled to put up about 5 posts just today alone which has been energy-draining but the fact that we can keep Port Harcourt entertained is what drives and motivates us.

Techative: Finally, what’s next for Port Harcourt in Pictures?

Tonye: We are doing alot of rebranding. We need everyone to stay glued and watch out for the next big thing.

Techative: Thank you for your time.

Tonye: Its been my pleasure.

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