10 Christmas gift idea suggestions for techies

It’s that time of the year when we share gifts with friends and family and sometimes it can be difficult knowing what they want. Even more so when our loved ones are techies. Here are ten gift idea suggestions that just might make them really pleased with you this Christmas without you having to break the bank.

1. APC Surge Protector Extension Socket

With the frequent fluctuating power supply experienced in Nigeria a lot of techies can share a story or two about a time when their electronic device got damaged due to a sudden spike in voltage. A good power surge protector is the APC Surge Protector Extension Socket which goes for ₦4,000 from Jumia and offers protection for computers and electronics against lightning, sparks, and power surges.

2. Amazon Echo

This is the cool device every geek wanted to own in 2017. It is a hands-free speaker that makes use of an intelligent personal assistant known as Alexa to play music around the home and obtain information from the internet such as sports scores, news headlines, weather reports, and updates etc. It uses voice recognition and can also be used to control smart home devices such as light bulbs, microwave cookers etc.. You can have one for ₦47,600 from Konga.

3. External Hard Drive + USB Flash Drive

This gift won’t go wrong. External hard drives are perfect for serving as backups for storing large files such as software applications, and media files. They come in different memory capacities up to 4TB (terabytes) and they are affordable. A 1TB external drive from a reliable brand such as Western Digital or Seagate would do just fine. You can have a pick from a variety of brands from Jumia.

If you can afford it, you could also add a USB flash drive as a gift. This is useful for storing and transferring data from one personal computer to another. It is also very useful for booting an operating system on to a PC. Just like the external hard drive, they come in different memory capacities and they are very affordable. A 16GB flash drive would suffice. A good variety of USB flash drives can be found at Jumia.

4. Gift Card

If you want to play it safe, this option has got you covered. A gift card to your beloved techie from an electronic shop such as SPAR can guarantee that they’ll get what they like and want.

5. DIY Kit

This one is for those techies that enjoy tearing stuff apart and putting them back together. DIY (Do It Yourself) Kits have various tools for safely uncoupling and recoupling a PC. Owning their own DIY Kit would ensure that your techie friend or family member can perform simple tasks such as troubleshooting a PC, upgrading a RAM size etc..

6. Internet Modem + Three months’ data subscription

Get your techie friend or family member connected to the global world this Christmas by getting them an internet modem and an unlimited supply of data for three months. With internet providers now offering various affordable data plans at high-speed connectivity, it means that they can do more for less.

7. Headphones

This is one accessory almost every techie cannot do without. Whether it’s watching an educational video from Cousera, or the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, or just listening to music while commuting to work or school, the right headphone would keep them entertained and informed. You can make a selection from different brands on Jumia.

8. Selfie Stick

For those loved ones that enjoy taking selfies, why not gift them this cool gadget? A selfie stick is a very affordable portable device that will ensure that they keep fun memories wherever they go. You can get them in different sizes and shapes from Jumia.

9. Laptop Power Bank

As a product designer myself, this is the kind of product I like seeing invented to solve problems. These portable power banks can keep your laptops, as well as your phones, digital cameras, and printers, charged and available for use for long hours without electricity. You can purchase one at ₦23,000 from Jumia.

10. Raspberry Pi

This hardware device is for people who enjoy building cool electronic products. The Raspberry Pi is a small computer that can be used to learn programming by creating fun and practical projects. You can get one from Jumia.

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