SnapiLABs Wins Hackathon For Startup Port Harcourt Week 2017

SnapiLABs wins #150,000 and earns bragging rights for one year

Tuesday, 27 Nov 9:00am: When I stepped into the conference hall of the Elkan Terrace Hotel, some bunch of weary blood shot eyes stared at me. As tired as they were, the excitement and enthusiasm in the room was palpable.

Clock ticking, they were just some minutes  to the end. The participating teams were adding finishing touches to their work and getting ready to pitch.

The scene I just described was the setting for Startup Port Harcourt Week 2017 24-Hour Hackathon.

E-flier for Hackathon

On Monday 27 November 2017, 32 developers representing eight selected hubs gathered to build solutions that would increase Nigeria’s ranking on the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Ranking. The focus was to build a solution that would make it easier to do business in Nigeria.

The participating hubs were Ken Saro Wiwa Innovation Hub, Rudigo Academy, ICE Hub, Strategic Hub, YeloCode, Olotu Square, SnapiLABs and Bubbles Co-working.

Team Bubbles
Team ICE Hub
Team Rudigo
Team Strategic Hub
Team SnapiLABs
Team YeloCode
Team Olotu Square
Team Ken Saro Wiwa Innovation Hub

Each team was made to select a sub theme from the Ease of Doing business brochure. Sub themes selected ranged from tackling issues regarding access to credit, ease of registering a business and building/construction permits.

Just before the Hackathon kicked off, the eight teams were addressed by Ibifuro Asawo, MD Cinfores and management team of the Rivers State Ministry of Youth Development.

Cinfores Team

Ibifuro Asawo MD Cinfores

At exactly 10:20am, Victor Tubotamuno, CEO organisers of the Hackathon- officially kicked off the event.

Victor Tubotamuno CEO Wokkaholic

Lunch and dinner breaks occured in between the 24 hour, non-stop Hackathon, while some mentors came in give their input after being briefed by the teams on what solutions they were building.

The teams hacked all night long, brainstorming, analysing their logic, selecting which programming language to use while some even started learning new concepts, all in a bid to produce the winning solution.

But eventually, some developers bowed to nature’s call.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning, at exactly 10:20 am, Victor returned to announce the end of the Hackathon. He thanked and congratulated the participating teams while emphasisng that everyone was a winner.


He promptly introduced the panel of judges (who had earlier put heads together to come up with guidelines to score the teams)- Uche Aniche, CEO Venue Hero and Convener Startup South, Maple Dappa- CEO Fayples and Principal Consultant Mapemond and Jay Momnang, a techpreneur and member of Mirus Empire (a music label).

Judges brainstorming
Judges: Jay Momnang, Maple Dappa & Uche Aniche

Rudigo Academy kicked off the session with whose function is to give you real time update on funds to solve the problem of getting credit facilities and solving the problem of insurgency.

YeloCode created an android app called Easy Naira which is a service box where business people can determine if they can get loans or not. The app looks to address 3 Cs Character, Capital and Collateral.

Snapilabs created a website called Business Now whose aim is to eliminate the human factor in creating business and connecting people who have needs to people who wants.

Ken Saro Wiwa Foundation created an app called Start It whose aim is to automatically register businesses across Nigeria and giving business owners a platform to run their businesses legally.

Olotu Square created a web app called Bizbase whose function is to create solution for business that can help them perform activity to make them grow. Which includes company incorporation, ability to pay bills, track bills and help businesses handle legal details and manage human resources etc

Strategic hub created an android app called Loan padi, whose function is to connect a business that has already started with an angel investor.

Ice hub created an app called Biz Express whose function is to help companies in paying taxes, data analysis tool, eliminating bottle necks.

The time soon came to to announce the winning pitch but not without hearing from the convener of Startup Port Harcourt Week, Bereni Fiberesima, CEO Netopps.

Bereni D. Fiberesima, CEO Nettops, Convener Startup Port Harcourt Week

Final results released declared SnapiLABs as winners, with YeloCode and Bubbles Co-working hub coming in  2nd and 3rd place respectively.

SnapiLABs goes home with 150,000 naira as a reward for their effort and most especially the bragging rights which most developers covet.

Startup Port Harcourt Week is the right tool that will discover startup and give them the right exposure and position Port Harcourt on the right spot, its time to change the narrative.

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