From Oil to Tech – Connecting the dots to the new Industrial era

The most powerful countries in the world today were not always so. Like many other countries, they had the challenges of civil wars, deadly disease outbreaks, imperialism, and famine. Yet, instead of caving under these trials and apparent misfortunes, they observed, learned, applied new knowledge and evolved. Industrial revolutions, as we now call them, were the results of the response of these countries to their challenges.

While these countries continue to advance through the first, second and third industrial revolutions, Nigeria still lags behind because we keep solving our economic issues the same way. Fortunately for us, the present and upcoming fourth industrial revolution presents an opportunity to quickly catch up with the rest of the world. The digital era is an era of advanced technology, power from plants, labor from robots, information from “clouds”; an era where you either join in and advance or get left very far behind on the world stage.

The Startup Port Harcourt week is an opportunity to bring together stakeholders in our city to connect and collaborate on the path to digital relevance. Stakeholders in Government, industry, and education will connect with members of the tech community to identify our unique issues and create world-class solutions using our experience and knowledge. Like past revolutions, these solutions will bring immense value to the society, enrich the innovators and provide thousands of other opportunities and jobs for the community.

We invite you to this strategic event that will set the course of our future and ensure our relevance in the new era. Featuring members of our community in diaspora and within our confines, it promises to engage, educate and inspire all participants towards innovation and advancement as a society. Join us, make a mark in society and leave a legacy worth emulating.

Article piece contributed by Uzoma Ofoma Chukwuma

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