Startup Profile: Throway, a waste management company launches in Port Harcourt to restore the lost glory of the garden city

Port Harcourt, commonly known as the ‘garden city of Nigeria’ has failed to live up to its nickname in recent times. The inability of waste management companies in the city to collect and dispose of domestic, commercial and industrial waste materials in a timely and proper manner has resulted in the city having a dirty look.

However, one startup is on the verge of changing all that. Throway, as it is called, is a Port Harcourt based professional waste management company Co-founded by Daniel .O. Akibor and launched on June 1st, 2017 that provides waste education, collection, separation, and disposal services for domestic and industrial customers – two of the major generators of waste materials in the city.

How Throway Works

They have the vision to restore cleanliness to African cities and they do this in three easy steps:

  • You simply subscribe to their collection and disposal service through their website – – for as low as N1500 regardless of your area of residence in Port Harcourt. Alternatively, you can register with them through a phone call.

  • You book a pickup time for your waste materials stating your location
  • Throway personnel come and collect your waste at the pre-arranged time

To save up on cost, they’ve employed a bootstrapping strategy where they hire trucks that do the collection and disposal of waste for them. This is cheaper than owning their own fleet, although they intend on purchasing theirs over time.

Their advantage over competitors such as refuse cart pushers and other waste management companies is their sorting and recycling of refuse, which helps protect the environment. Throway does this by educating its customers on how best to ‘’reuse, reduce and get more value from their waste as well as show them better ways to handle their waste’’. According to its CEO Daniel Akibor, throway is on a mission to ‘’create a positive perception about waste in Africa in a way that inspires absolute cleanliness’’.

Services that they offer besides residential waste collection include industrial waste evacuation and event center clean-ups.

Throway was among those selected as the ‘50 Startups to Watch in Port Harcourt’ during last year’s Startup Port Harcourt Week. They have big dreams of being accepted into Y Combinator’s Startup incubation programme by 2018.

If you like what you see and want to know more about them, check them out on their website

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