Fighting Crime one Hackathon at a time

With the recent situation of insecurity and rise in criminal activities in Rivers State, people have had to readjust their lifestyles and have taken different security measures in order to keep safe. Those who can afford it have installed CCTV cameras in their houses while others have hired security personnel that go about with them in convoys. Unfortunately for the majority of people who call Rivers State home, they are left at the mercy of kidnappers and armed robbers.

In a 21st Century where the internet can be an effective tool in curbing crime, Youth Lead in collaboration with Wokkaholic recently came up with an idea to address this social problem with the organisation of a Hackathon Challenge at the Rivers State University.

Through the event, they hoped to develop a platform where people could provide a situation report of happenings and incidents around them in real time and this information would then be passed on – through the push of a notification panic button – to the appropriate authorities for action. This platform in the form of an app called ‘Campus 24’ would require the location service of the user’s phone turned on to enable a timely intervention by the campus security and although this raises concerns about privacy, Victor Tubotamuno, founder of Wokkaholic believes that over time users will ‘’see the bigger picture’’ in terms of what can be achieved with this feature.


To achieve the goal of creating Campus 24, they had several developers from RSU and surrounding universities camp in a hall for 24 hours starting from 8am on Thursday, April 20th. These developers made of male and female students were provided with a list of specifications that had to be met by the app and that would form the basis of what they would be judged on.

By the following morning, the Hackathon Challenge had produced a winner from RSU – ‘Code 5’ – fulfilling most of the requirements. And now the work continues and Victor Tubotamuno and his team must find a way to improve on the platform to ensure that it gets to its intended users and that it fulfils its purpose. Whatever successes recorded in RSU must then be implemented on the rest of the State.

You can listen to my conversation with Victor Tubotamuno about the Hackathon Challenge in the podcast here.

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